This is not a consulting company.

This is our Team. And we love your company. Everything is designed for your corporate success. We have a handful of world-class technology experts that jump in. And sometimes we're available for full time gigs.We don't have key account people, partner success managers, complex contracts or distractions. We do have one-to-one relations, direct communication, super-short paths and a ton of blueprints to use in challenging situations for you to ensure your growth, success and to back you up to challenge the world every single day.A former CTO, who answers your calls directly. Experienced technology leads who roll up their sleeves and just get things done with the perfect mix of long-term focus and short-term delivery. Our Team works for your company as if it was their own. That's why some of the largest companies trust us.We don't send you a single person, but two, in every job you have todo.
We don't speak one language, but five, such as fluent english and german.
We don't use powerpoint, but rather carefully crafted whiteboards.
We don't have an office, but are wherever it's needed.
In case of changes we applaude. We don't stick to static contracts but adopt and make it even better. It's not for everyone, no gambling, no military, no politics, no price-dumpings, no competitors of our existing customers, no companies who don't care about the environment.Lastly, we don't have silly rules like complex travel expenses or administrational todo's for you. A simple monthly invoice. That's it.Welcome to becoming our Client. We love your company. We scale what matters.

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Our Website is inspired by the wonderful

We scale what matters.

We are AmplifyX. We create teams who create digital experiences. Both from scratch. And we really love to scale teams, technology, platforms, processes, organizations or anything else that needs to grow.

Some of the biggest brands in their segment trust us: Spar, KTM, Blue Tomato, Hervis, SES, renovai and Blasy. On top of that, our team is part of advisory boards and is engaged in teaching.All of our customers are leaders in their segment - and we help them to scale beyond #1

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Reach out to scale what matters.

We are easy to reach:

We are based in Upper Austria, at the Edge of the wonderful Salzkammergut.
But that doesn't matter too much because we are, wherever our clients are.

This is not a consulting company // We scale what matters // Imprint

AmplifyX GmbH
Technology Experts
Office: Oberregau 32, 4844 Regau, AustriaContact: hello@ampx.itManaging Director: Christian RennerCommercial Register Number: 545346fProfessional Sector: Information Technology (Dienstleistungen in der automatischen Datenverarbeitung und Informationstechnik). Our authority was granted in Austria by the Chamber of Commerce:
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